Terms & Conditions at Exhibition

歡迎來到「MOVE! 變變變生物展」!敬請入場人士注意及遵守以下場地守則:

Welcome to MOVE! into the wildlife Exhibition! Please note and follow below guidelines:

1. 每票只限一人,每張門票只限於票上指明的日期及時段進場一次,門票如有任何損毁或塗改,觀眾將可能被拒入場。

Admit one person per ticket. Tickets is valid only on the date and time slot stated on the ticket.

If the ticket is damaged or altered, the visitor might be refused entry.

2. 3歲以下小童可免。 惟場內部份設施或有身高限制及需於成人陪同下進行。12歲及以下小童須由年齡在18歲以上的成人陪同參觀。

Children aged below 3 receive free admission. Children aged below 12 should be accompanied by adults over 18 years old.

3. 學生門票只適用於半日及全日制學生;門票持有人入場時需出示有效學生証。年滿65歲的長者以及殘疾人仕,須出示有效證明文件,方能便用優惠票入場。

Student access is only applied to half-day and full-time students. Ticket holders are required to present valid student cards for admission. Elders aged 65 or above and disabled persons are required to present valid supporting documents to enter the exhibition with a discount ticket

4. 展覽建議遊玩時間最少為1小時;最後入場時間為每場完結前三十分鐘,互動展區亦將在每組別完結前15分鐘停止輪候直至該組別完結。為保持會場人流暢通,選擇現場取票的參觀人士請提前三十分鐘到達展覽會場(例如需要換取12:00 入場門票的參觀人士,請於11:30到達展覽會場換票)。

At least one hour is suggested to be reserved for the exhibition. No admission would be allowed 30 mins before each section end. The queue for each zone would be stopped 15 mins before each section end also. Each ticket is assigned to a specific day and time slot in order to control the flow for the best visitor experience. If you need to collect tickets onsite, please arrive at the venue 30 minutes before your assigned time slot (for example, collecting 12:00pm tickets, please arrive at 11:30am).

5. 每節入場人數有限,如閣下無法按照門票上所顯示的時段入場,有機會無法獲得安排入場。 門票只限當天指定時段入場,逾期作廢,門票不設退款。

In case of late arrival, we will try to facilitate your access at the next time slot, subject to availability and capacity. Access to the exhibition outside of the indicated time slot on your ticket is not guaranteed.

6. 購票時請小心核對門票種類、日期、時段等資料,門票一經訂購,恕不接受任何更改。

Please ensure you are purchasing the correct ticket and desired date and time, as once tickets have been purchased it is not possible to make any changes.

7. 本館為保安電視監察及攝錄地帶。

This Exhibition is under security camera surveillance and recording.

8. 請勿攜帶任何38 X 30 X 20厘米(12 X 15 X 8 吋)以上之行李 / 手提袋 / 背包 / 大型提包,以及玻璃樽、矮凳/可折疊式座椅、嬰兒車、任何可用作攻擊的物件、煙火、旗桿、鐳射激光儀器、自拍棒及任何可威脅他人或場館安全的物件進入本館。觀眾如持有上述限制物品,請寄存於設於L8及地庫之自助儲物箱。任何寄存物品如有任何損毁或遺失,Mega Box及主辦機構概不負責。

Bags bigger than the dimensions of 38 cm X 30 cm X 20 cm (15 inches X 12 inches X 8 inches) as well as weapons of any kind, stools, glass bottles, folded chairs, flagstaff, baby carriage and any other items that could pose a threat to others or the venue are not allowed in the exhibition hall. For safety reason, selfie stick is prohibited as well. No fireworks, pyro and laser device allowed. Please place any restricted article(s) at the self-service lockers at the L8 or Basement. MegaBox and event staff will not be responsible for loss of or damage to the hosted items.

9. 場館內歡迎攝錄及攝影,唯不可以使用自拍棍及強大閃光燈以保障公眾安全。

Exhibition area are allowed to do video or photo shooting, but selfie stick and large power flesh light is not allowed for public safety.

10. 除導盲犬外,參觀者不得將任何動物帶進館內。

No person shall introduce any animal into the Exhibition, except guide dogs.

11. 場內不准飲食或吸煙。

No eating, drinking or smoking allowed.

12. 參觀者不得進入館內任何不向公眾開放的部分。

No person shall enter any part of the Exhibition which is not open for the public.

13. 基於保安理由,本館職員有權要求參觀者進入或離開前出示所攜帶物品。

For security reason, the organizer reserves the right to request visitor to show their belongings for inspection before enter or leaving.

14. 為了有更好的展覽體驗,參觀人士有可能需要排隊等候入場。為保障公眾安住,保安人員有權要求為參觀者量度體溫。參觀者須遵照主辦單位及場地工作人員之入場規則及指引。

Ticket holders are required to queue for admission. For public safety, organizer might request for temperature checking on visitor. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the organizer’s and venue’s guidelines for admission.

15. 部分展區須進行奔跑,爬行,滑行等互動行為,參觀者請在遊玩前先審慎評估自身及小孩的身體狀況。

Part of the exhibition involved interactions, such as running, climbing and sliding. Ticket holders shall assess your own and your children’s physical condition before entering.

16. 參觀者遊玩時請務必遵從工作人員的操作及教學示範。如發現因未有依指示操作而令設施損毀,參觀者須照價賠償。

Visitor must follow organizer’s instruction on assessing facility. The visitor shall be responsible for all reinstatement cost of any damage of the premises and facilities caused by faulty usage.

17. 基於衛生及安全考量,部分展區須進行奔跑、爬行或滑行等互動行為,建議參觀者穿著厚襪,並嚴禁參觀者穿著任何鞋類或赤腳進場。部分展區亦須更換指定服裝,請按照現場工作人員指示更換服裝。如排隊人數眾多,敬請各位耐心等候。

Based on hygiene and safety considerations, ticket holders are expected to engage in running, crawling or sliding at certain zones. Ticket holders are advised to put on thick cotton socks and they are strictly prohibited to wear any shoes or entering with barefoot at those zones. Parts of the exhibition require wearing designated clothing. Please follow instructions from on-site staff to change the clothing. Please be patient with us in case of a long queue.

18. 請小心保管隨身攜帶之物件,如有任何遺失或損壞,本館概不負責。

Please do not leave your belongings unattended. The Exhibition is not responsible for the safe custody and/or loss of personal property brought to and/or left in the Exhibition.

19. 參觀者不得擅自處理、擾亂或以其他方式干預任何展品。

Visitors are not allowed to dispose of, disturb or otherwise interfere with any exhibits

20. 參觀者不得在館內拋擲物件、粗言穢語或行為不檢。

Throwing objects, employing foul language and behaving in a disorderly manner in the Exhibition are prohibited.

21. 未經本館職員許可,參觀者不得在館內展示橫額、彩旗、宣傳單張或任何形式之廣告。

No banners, buntings, flyers or publicity materials of any kind shall be displayed in the Exhibition without the permission of Exhibition staff.

22. 未經本館職員許可,參觀者不得在館內使用揚聲器。

No loudhailers shall be used in the Exhibition without the permission of Exhibition staff.

23. 未經本館職員許可,參觀者不得在館內派發推廣資料、紀念品及贈品。

No promotional materials, souvenirs and give-away items shall be distributed in the Gallery without the permission of Gallery staff.

24. 參觀者不得故意妨礙任何正在執行職責的職員,或故意妨礙、騷擾、干擾或煩擾任何其他正在使用本館或其設施的參觀者/使用者。

No person shall willfully obstruct any member of the staff in performing his duty or willfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt or annoy any other person in using the Exhibition or of any of the facilities provided therein.

25. 除得到主辦方許可外,參觀者不得向本館借取任何展品。

No person shall borrow any exhibit from the Exhibition except in accordance with a permit granted by the organizer.

26. 有版權的作品均受「版權條例」(香港法例第 528 章)所保護。有關「版權條例」(香港法例第 528 章) 條文,可透過互聯網瀏覽政府網頁查閱。

Please respect copyright and do not infringe any copyright when making photocopies. All copyright works are protected by the “Copyright Ordinance” (Cap 528 of the Laws of Hong Kong). Users may consult the webpage of the HKSAR Government for details of the “Copyright Ordinance” (Cap 528 of the Laws of Hong Kong) on the internet or borrow a copy of the Ordinance from counter staff at the counter.

27. 在使用本館的資料時,如有觸犯任何侵犯版權法或其他法律的行為,本館概不負責。

The Exhibition shall not be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights or other laws which a user may commit in making use of materials made accessible through the Exhibition.

28. 本館職員有權要求沒有適當及正確使用本館設施、展品和資料,或滋擾其他參觀者的人士停止有關活動或離開展館。在此情況下,門票恕不設退款。

Organizer has the right to request the visitor who do not properly use the facilities, exhibits and materials of the Exhibition, or who harass other visitors, to leave exhibition area. Ticket will not be refund under this situation.

29. 惡劣天氣展覽館開放情況:

If a typhoon or rainstorm signal is hoisted on an exhibition date, please refer to (Official website / Facebook Page URL) for the latest arrangement.

- 8 號或以上熱帶氣旋警告訊號: 展覽館將會關閉。倘若 8 號或以上熱帶氣旋警告訊號除下時,距離展覽館閉館時間不足兩小時,當日將不會開放。

Typhoon sign No. 8 or above:

The Gallery will close. If the signal is lowered less than 2 hours before the normal closing time, the Gallery will remain closed that day.

-黑色暴雨警告: 若展覽館經已開放,則開放時間維持不變。若黑色暴雨警告在展覽館開放前經已生效,展覽館將不會開放,直至黑色暴雨警告除下。倘若除下時距離展覽館閉館時間不足兩小時,當日將不會開放。

Black rainstorm warning:

If the warning is issued during normal opening hours, the Gallery will remain open. If the warning is issued before the gallery opens, the gallery will be closed until the warning is cancelled. If the warning is cancelled less than 2 hours before normal closing hours, the Gallery will remain closed that day

30. 門票如非購自主辦單位或其認可特約分銷商,持票人將被拒入場及送官究治。

Entry must be refused and the organizer can report to the police, if tickets are not purchased from the organizer or other authorized agent.

31. 通過任何方式售出之門票及有關之服務費用均不可退款或更換(包括組別和日期),亦不可轉售。

Tickets and related services charges sold through any channels are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be re-sold.

32. 本館保留權利及絕對酌情權隨時改變、更改、增補、刪除、暫時停載、修訂及更新此場地守則而無須給予 任何理由及預先通知。

This Ticketing and Admission Policy is subject to change without prior notice. This Ticketing and Admission Policy is subject to change without prior notice.

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